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Introduction to frenchy's

  Store Front

The original Frenchy's Store opened in Meteghan River Digby Co. Nova Scotia Canada in the early 70's. Frenchy's operates under the Canadian company Scotia Wipers. Scotia Wipers sorts and grades thousands of pounds of clothing and then packages them in 1000 lb bales for transport world wide.
Scotia wipers specializes in the sales of clothing in both the wholesale retail markets.

Since our openning, our #1 goal has been to keep our customers happy, and that is accomplished by having the best quality used clothing available on the market, and that is the reason our customers keep coming back time and time again.

In addition to the above we specialize in #1 quality wipes "cleaning cloths".

Used Clothing & other items

Many brand name clothing items can be found in our stores in addition to other merchandise items such as shoes, books, toys, furniture, purses and much, much more and all at great prices.
Used Clothing
  • Our Christmas, Halloween & Summer tables are also very popular for the treasure seekers as they hunt for that perfect item at an unbeatable price.
  • Come on over and visit our stores for an unforgettable shopping experience. Our stores are always kept very clean and our staff is as friendly as they come.
  • All items are irrisistably priced to ensure you have your hands full and a smile on your face on your way out, this in itself will guarantee a return for another shopping experience in the near future.

For more information regarding any of the above, please contact us with your questions. Follow this link for contact information .

wipers / cleaning cloths

All our cleaning cloths are checked to ensure that they are top quality wipers, just as you would expect.


  • All wipers are cut to size for immediate use and are packed in 25lb boxes.
  • We have various grade of wipers.
  • Please contace us for prices and availability.

About the Owner

The original Frenchy's story:

Edwin Therialult the pioneer of Frenchy's, started his line of Frenchy's stores with 1 single bale of clothing imported from the United States in the early 70's.


Edwin's strive to keep his customers happy with quality used clothing has made him a successfull store owner for many years and keeping with his work ethics promises to keep him in business for many years to come.

Now in 2009 Edwin has 4 stores himself with 34 employees & supplies used clothing to other Frenchy stores throughout the Maritime Provinces. Find Locations near you